Who are you?

Isn’t this a funny question. Who are you? Who are you to do this? Who do you think you are? Why do you think YOU should do that? There are other people who are already good at this and you’re starting out or you still have to learn…our mind is so good at putting us down.  I mean, who are you? Who am I for that matter?

My favourite answer is: I don’t know but I’ll do this anyway.

Leading from a “I am” traditionally gets many of us into trouble. Because you are either operating from a place of inflated certainty and the bubble bursts at any stage of rejection/disappointment/judgement or we go to a uncertainty suddenly (or not suddenly) questioning ourselves, purpose, existence and ability. (or is that just me? Oh dear.)

When really…who cares. Who cares who you think you are. Who cares who they think you are.
(I have an answer to that one: I do! But who is that I?)
The main thing is to follow your joy, your heart, your decision. If you feel something is right, you get a surge of energy. If it’s not, you’ll feel a depletion. So the question is not Who am I? Or who are you? The question is only: Do I fancy doing this? Does this make sense, how does this feel? If your answer is yes and somewhere along the lines of more energy, you are in the right place. If it’s no- you know what to do. You are not forced to do this. I am here  ready for you when you are.

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