Do you judge your shadow side?

We’ve all learned that judging others is a no-no. Maybe you’re even into non-judging of yourself. That’s hard and often thirsty work!

We all have aspects of ourselves we don’t like and prefer not to look at. They are called the shadow. We don’t want to look at it and see it. A person who values beauty would hate to feel ugly if you struggle with feeling confident and smart, you’d hate to be called stupid and maybe you invest high energy in proving to everyone how clever you are.

But actually, there is a gift in each shadow, in each so-called negative aspect of yourself. And when we disown parts of ourselves, we tend to project them onto others. The smart person hating to be stupid will be surrounded by stupid folk, the beauty¬†queen sees so much ugly everywhere- the person needing to get it all right really struggles when it all goes pear shaped. And yet- if you told a pear that it’s pear-shaped, would you expect it to cringe in shame and embarrassment? The pear is absolutely in harmony with that concept. It’s meant to be that way. And what if you, too were meant to be “that way”? Own the aspects of yourself you find hard to look at. It’s liberating. There is ugliness in beauty, there is idiocy in every high IQ individual- if you don’t believe me, marry one. You think you’re project or life has gone pear-shaped? What if it’s exactly how it’s meant to be for your personal evolution.¬†