Are you trying to be more “normal” than you actually are? Try to do things the “right way” so you can be proper and successful like you think you need to be in order to have what you want and be the person you want to be? One day?

What if you were magical?

A unicorn amongst horses may well feel awkward and wrong.

“Why have I got a horn on my head? What’s wrong with me? “

And try to hide it, file it off, forget about it. If it’s British, it will apologize for it.

You might be told you’re just a deluded horse.

But even if you go about it the mainstream working horse’s way, you’ll never feel fulfilled.

And when success strikes by this magical quality that you possess you probably suffer from imposter syndrome. Feel like a fraud. Why wasn’t this harder? I shouldn’t really be here. Hopefully they won’t find out!

Welcome to the club of anxious unicorns in denial anonymous (AUIDA)

Granted, your everyday mundane consciousness is not in favour of that idea that there is a better way. It will tell you to be quiet and get on with the dishes. Stop dreaming and make something of yourself. Bills don’t get paid by themselves you know.

And whatever you do it’s rarely good enough.

The way we go about life as so called“grown-ups” can really suck the magic right out of you.

If you shift into your magical being, you will have a very different experience of life. Even filling out big applications can be a graceful process when the attention is less on the sadmin and more in your own flow.

From the space of awakened creativity, your ideas are powered by inspiration. They tend to be good ideas that bring more fun and productivity to your life.

It’s a very different place to act from than your worry cloud.  I might even argue that worry is delusional- but that is a different post and will be written another time.

Do you want support with finding and strengthening your magical self and opening and sustaining the space of awakened creativity? I’m here to do just that. I help magical creatures remember how magically powerful they are.

Come alive with me.

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