In the business of transformation and inspiration you come about a lot of very positive vibes. And that’s lovely. But sometimes when you’re done, wehen things aren’t working so well or you are one of these people whose life isn’t as hunky dory easy squeezy success cheesy- sometimes you just cannot bear another win-share and awesome update anymore.

You might still think of how to make things better for yourself and others but even that is running thin. Implementing good ideas becomes hard. Then impossible.

Do you sometimes wonder…

What’s wrong with me?

If you do, you’re not alone. The most intelligent, educated, established, confident people have been heard asking this. And that still doesn’t make it a useful question worth answering. So let’s hit delete on that one.

What can happen is you reach capacity.

Each person has a different point where capacity is reached. My clients often have a lot of it.

They can do a lot. And so they tend to. Do. A lot. And more and then some. Cause they can.Have you noticed what it feels like when your world is coming down on you? When every idea becomes a hassle to think through and already feels like an obligation. I’ve had daydreams that I told to go away because they were too much of a potential future frustration. Add pre-resentment here.

That’s what it feels like when you are at capacity or actually- over capacity.

When you simply can’t give a damn about anything and anyone anymore and want everyone to go away. Especially those happy successful types with their possibility thinking. These hopeless optimists who just haven’t seen what real life actually looks like.

No, you’re not a selfish narcissist. You’re a giver who has run out of capacity.
You’re at capacity. You’re done.

This is not a time to make a map of your life vision and discuss your purpose on this planet. But it might feel like you really want to overhaul it all. Because “it’s obviously not working”.

When you are at capacity you need small practical steps in the right direction. You might not have the overview. Maybe someone else can hold that for you. That’s where a personal coach can be golden.

You need to know you are ok. You need to know where the light at this apparent end of the tunnel would be.

Not all miracle creation work revolves around big visions and plans and goals and dreams. Sometimes you just need THE small next step. Or sit. And breathe. Space.

And here is the crunch. And my personal request.

This is a time where the slope of self care and self love becomes rather steep and slippery. When we don’t have capacity to think and energy to create consciously- this is when the chocolate becomes more inviting than the blueberries and the butter on toast will do. Salads are fluffy green fillers aren’t they.

This is where we don’t care so much about another minute on FB -oops how did that turn into an hour I could have slept and the bath becomes a quick shower and exercise? No energy for that.

We’ve all been there before.

So when the circle of capacity draws closer- I want you to know you will be ok.  And love. Yourself. This is the ultimate compassion test. The ultimate can you walk your talk and be kind. To yourself.

I’ve gone to “of course I can!” And would be all nice to myself only to later berate myself for not doing enough on the day. And then wonder why I didn’t feel so good about getting up the next day. Why my mind clouds over.

Love. Yourself. Understand capacity.

Can you increase your capacity? Yes you can. And that’s the art. A powerful shift in groove, energy and perception works wonders on your capacity.

You can be cooked one day and fresh like a bluebird the next minute. It IS possible. Not guaranteed. Not always to be expected but totally possible and I’ve seen it many times before.

How? A supportive structure can help. But even more so, stories and powerful insights will guide you. If gaining more insights and shifts and powerful stories about your life is what would serve you, consider hiring a coach skilled in deep coaching who is perceptive on the energetic level.

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