I took my son to Snappy Snaps to get some pictures printed and framed. My great aunt had turned 95 and it felt like a fitting present to give her a beautiful photo of her great great grand nephew and his laughing mummy and handsome dad. It’s the kind of picture I’ve always wanted to share with my family. If you know my personal story, you will understand just how special that is to us. (If you don’t, it’s going to be a book soon!)

We said our good-bye and thank yous. My son folded his hands together in front of his heart. The Snappy Snapp workers, native Indians, nearly shrieked in delight! He did a namaste!

He certainly did. I love the expression of Namaste. “That which is divine in me greets that which is divine in you”. It’s the most profound and beautiful way to say hello, good-bye and thank you that I have come across. And a powerful reminder of our spiritual connection. How often do we forget our deeper nature, getting caught up in the mundane transactions? Here is a photo, here is some money. Cheers. Namaste puts the deeply human consciousness back into the interaction. It shifts a transaction to a humane experience. In a world where more and more people suffer from loneliness and isolation, understanding the connection between humans as a divine spark brings the connection back into the game. So, Namaste to you.

When I returned home I told my wonderful partner Thomas about our fun adventures at the photo shop.

Mamaste? What does that mean? He inquired.

Mamaste…hmmm. I had just been lost in the beauty and poetic notion of Namaste. Mamaste…Thomas, over to you!

Do you know what he came up with? The divine in me and that which maybe is not quite so divine greets that which is divine in you and all the other less pleasant characteristics.

Mamaste. The perfect embrace of imperfection. The acknowledgement of our human flaws paired with the greater potential we all have to connect deeper without judging one or the other. The understanding that being a Mama may be to think we ought to be perfect whilst knowing that we won’t get it all done that way because what’s more important is to live and to actually be present.

Papaste- the inviation for Dad to see the same and stop overworking and start playing with the family. That which is loving in me and sometimes not so much greets that which is kind and generous and wonderful in you and also that which gets on my tits.

These greetings apply to non-parents as well J

On that note.

Nama- Mama- and Papaste!

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