I love when things are extraordinarily wonderful. It’s interesting how people react when you say you love the fabulous. “It’s obvious”, “what else is new”, “did you know it’s not all a picnic” and “good for you”.

Fabulous inspires you to be excitable (again) shifting our attention on that which is outstanding and hits “the right spot”. I must admit that the older and calmer I’ve become the less overexcited I tend to be. To take delight in something is a perk in life. I suggest we cultivate taking delight in the fabulous…there is so much of it. Life is lush.

What is fabulous? I define it as ‘great in my personal view’. It’s different for everyone. A few weeks before my NYC show premiere of “Big Apple bite”, my one woman show, the tickets were fast selling, the show was there, the show was ready to go but I needed a fabulous outfit. My mentor and director, the fabulous Erv Raible took me shopping for my stage outfit. I was expecting the grandiosity of 5th avenue and was somewhat surprised when I found myself in China town! He took me to these little Chinese shops where glittery synthetics were hanging loosely off cheap plastic hangers. “Isn’t this fa-a-a-bulous?” He exclaimed, his face dressed in delight. It’s very glittery I would reply as tactfully as possible. I am after all a diplomat’s granddaughter.

Fabulous to him was all that glittered and had feathers, no matter where and how.

For me, fabulous describes things that are just ‘my style’. That may be slightly outrageous, it might not be- It can but doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be great. It has to feel and make me look really good. Otherwise, there is no need for it in my life.

Fabulous makes a wonderful guide to good decisions. There are people in this world who find it challenging to make up their mind ( not that I would know…) .Buying that dress or getting this job or booking this event.

My love of the fabulous helps me make those decisions: When I am in a shop and I look at clothes, they may have the right price, they may be ok, they may be the fashion. So do I want this shirt or not, do I need it, well depends blabla we can go into endless conversations into our own head. But this question always gets me clarity: is it fabulous?

Restaurant: Can’t decide, could have this, could have that. Sure. But which meal would make this evening truly fabulous? Different question, definite answer.

Fabulous works brilliantly for the little things in life. And you know what they say about those little things.

My friends and clients have tried and tested the fabulous method and it works.

What does it take to make you feel fabulous? Which music is absolutely fabulous? Are these shoes practical, stylish or simply fabulous?

Have fun and of course, be fabulous.

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