I am opening my books for 5 women who will unleash no matter what and desire guidance to step into the 2ndchapter of their life or re-write the book with more power, grace and expanded capacity in 2019.

If you have kids, you probably know what loosing your self and sense of personality looks and feels like.  And probably like me accepted that it comes with the territory. Sex drive is the thing the guys often still have and we hope to get around cause shit I’m so tired . Or if you got energy left you’re  pissed off about how hard it is and that he hadn’t cleared the dishes again.
Or just feel too angry and you don’t know why.
I’ve been down to the mere shell of myself. Perceived myself as reduced to a function. The feeder, protector, nurturer. The sorting things out person, running a household, keeping a family together and  his back free as much as possible so at least he can make a business happen. It’s early parenthood normality.  =

You park your own dreams, ambitions and views of how you’d love life to be Because you turn from who you are to being a MUM.=

They call it “your priorities change don’t they” but really that’s you hiding behind your disappointment. Don’t call it acceptance when you’re not fulfilled.

You don’t have to just get on with it unless that’s all you see.

It’s not what it’s like to be a mum.

Let your power rise again. What are you buying into?

Are you really  “just a mum” the ‘school mum’, ‘football mum’ -the person whose existence is serving your offspring to the point of complete self sacrifice?

And is that what you want to teach your children? You can do what you want in life if you believe in yourself.


But mums don’t just do what THEY want. Remember, it’s about the kids now.

Ah yes…about that. Time for bed, Night night. And you give a kiss and sneak out the room trying not to sigh too loud.

Every doctors appointment or hospital stay this gets reinforced. MUM, they call you. And then proceed to talk to you about your child. Even you NAME  is now MUM.


Because I am not MUM. I’m my children’s mother and they may call me whatever we like. Personally I am Mama and I love it. But I am Mama to MY KIDS, not to anyone else.

Nobody has mind blowing sex with mum.

Nobody buys mum flowers except on mothers day. Get lost.

Nobody makes dinner for mum and nobody worships mum for being a freaking Goddess.

Mum’s NOT the word.

Do not call me MUM.

At hospital this is what I say:



Are you mum?

No. I’m sorry.

Are you not Tuffel’s mum?

Yes I am Tuffel’s mother.

So you’re mum.

I’m not your mum.

You can call me Evelyne.

You think this is pedantic? Think again.

If you are a woman who gave birth to new life, you are a Goddess. You are a miracle worker. You are amazing. You are a fierce lioness. You are the Mama.

You will give everything to others, you are a superhero.

You also have desires. You have the right to find them again and to fulfill the ones that work for you. You have a self. And it’s WORTHY. It may need rediscovering. It probably needs an upgrade in the operational system. Get coached for this.

I want you to see it, feel it and live it.

You’re not MUM. You’re a powerful Goddess and a valued human being.

You have a life force and power and fierceness and you can literally create magic with your womb. You have access to life energy and you are born to birth your ideas into the world as well as your children.

You are an artist at heart. You make life special. You want to start your business? Or scale it? You can totally do that. On your terms.

You hold the key to your kid’s experiences. You also hold the key to yours.

Turn it.

PS: If you want to really go for it in 2019, you want to drop the stuff that’s tying you down, now is the time to get in touch and find out what I have in store for you to help you create your life 2.0. It’s your time, phoenix.


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