Innovation, Ideas and Genius live in the land of possibility. Every day predictability, security thinking and boredom live in the zone of limited awareness. Surely everyone wants to be more creative and innovative but very few of us are. Why?

We are all inherently creative as children but over time learn to adapt to “the norm”, the “conventions” of what the society we live in perceives as acceptable. The desire to fit in and belong is incredibly strong but it comes at a price: the loss of ideas or the courage to share them and the unwillingness to take risks. Over time our creative muscles weaken.

Once we’ve been ridiculed enough, wronged for our “silly ideas” or told not to be “stupid”, many give up on coming up with stuff and retreat into retaining the information given. Adapting and conforming to what we’re being told.

Ken Robinson explains beautifully that this creates an obedient work force necessary during industrialisation but today’s society needs something else. Our wealth as a country is built on ideas, on innovative strategies, on improvement.

And to make things better, we need to believe in better. We open our minds to possibilities. Things that have been done one way for many years are not necessarily handled in the most effective way in a modern context. This is true for laws, procedures, rules, and organizational structures all the way to personal habits.

1864 Herbert Spencer coined the term “survival of the fittest” after reading Darwin’s “on the origin of species”. Darwin talked about those that were “better designed for an immediate, local environment”- in today’s changing world, those with the ability to be flexible mentally hold the key to success.

As more and more systems are crumbling, the opportunities for those who know how to think “outside the box” are growing. The “box” of habitual, what’s been there before-kind of thinking. We crave innovation and newness.

Possibility thinking is the way to tap back into our innate creativity. It’s not a simple 3 step process or we’d all be using it by now. Allowing ourselves to go beyond the learned behaviours takes a little more…

The good news is that it’s a pleasant process, a liberation paired with joy and positive energy that is freed up on the way. It takes courage, the willingness to change and be visible. We might be more vulnerable but we’re also stronger. Possibility thinking asks us for a new mindset. A dynamic mindset that acknowledges the fluidity of reality. Things aren’t as fixed as they seem. Problems aren’t the end of the world, they are the solutions waiting to happen. As Albert Einstein said:” you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.”

Are you ready to re-train your mind? Allow yourself to play and learn, change your security of status to the beauty of life-long growth?

We’re not asked to do this alone. Mentors, thinking provocateurs and coaches are a growing industry of people helping people to get better results by freeing up their mental potential. At Brink Coaching we work with individuals and organizations exploring the depth of our human potential. Overall changes cannot be oppressed from the top, they happen from the “inside” out. With the transformation of individuals, the organization thrives. Productivity, effectiveness increase, stress reduced illness, lies and mistakes due to lack of care decrease. This is an investment that pays out many times over.

We believe in the possibilities for you and your organization. Do you?

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