My people are the stars of the business and entertainment space.

You notice when they come into a room. They take up space. Heads turn and if they don’t they will make sure, they will.

My people are those with a big presence and a big heart and a big desire to show up fully. What’s interesting is that they can hide in full spot light. You may see them and nothing of them. You might even not see them at all.

Because as big as they are, they can also feel really small. And they get terrified at times to be seen and found out. Found out that they are not just light and great and confident but also battle with anxieties, shame and “issues”.

They need validation to make sure they feel safe. That’s a very normal tribal behaviour. Now my people like this ideally by being in the centre of attention or in the limelight (in their own zone of genius or excellence)

Because to my kind of people, the limelight is a safe space.

That’s where they can feel better than, right, and on top.

Except it’s also really scary to be seen. It’s great to be watched in full flow. But super scary to be as seen in the vulnerability or the shame.

And as secretly entitled as they feel to their success and admiration, they also feel they have to work twice as hard and feel the silent disappointment and rejection very deeply when things don’t’ work out the way they want. And as you know things don’t always work out the way you want. In fact things don’t often work out the way they want. But they don’t like saying that. It sounds almost negative.

And that’s why those uniquelings that shine brightly by default often put on a radiance show. They show up even brighter and bolder and louder and prouder than they’d need to. Just in case you don’t see how shiny they are. It’s really quite painful not to be recognized for ones light.

Hello!!! I am HERE!

And if nobody answers it’s easy to feel a bit like a fool. Here I am standing out from the crowd, I’m so bold and daring and nobody cares?
Ok sorry I better go into hiding before it’s too late. Which it is.

It would have them question themselves (after blaming the others usually) -Am I deluded? Am I just crazy to think I’m special? And to conclude that they really need to be doing more inner work and then they’ll attract what is rightfully theirs. And back up their own arse they disappear.

I know what its’ like! I’m one of them.

So best to avoid that scenario altogether and amp up the volume on that inner light thang. Rise and shine! Make an entrance. Take that space and control it. We know the stories to tell to captivate, the moves to make, the ways to be. When we want attention, we shall get it.

The radiance dance! There is nothing wrong with it.

But what is it costing you?



-Feeling fully alive.

-Being real.

It leaves you feeling a bit empty. Like “did this even happen”

The radiance dance is covering up for not feeling good enough. In case someone thinks that about us which would validate the secret fear that it’s true.

We also have a secret hope. The secret hope is that we are so good, we don’t need to do anything and have the world served to us on a silver platter. The worry here is that we may be slightly deluded. And that’s why we keep this part secret. Doh!

The Radiance show makes sure everyone is on our team. It’s the conviction dance. It’s almost a political rally. Inner light for president!

The more people we can convince of our greatness, the better and safer and righter and powerful and validated we feel. Top of the world! That’s my home.

When in fact, if you are one of them shiny light beings, you shine even when you don’t dance. You don’t need to take and hold the space for you to get some. You will draw attention “just” (?!) by being you. It’s just part of your design. The question becomes…what will you do with all this space and attention? Especially when you take off your invisibility cloak and start showing your true colours. Do. You. Dare.

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