About Evelyne
About Evelyne
About Evelyne
About Evelyne
About Evelyne
About Evelyne

Get to know my personal story here…

About me…

“You will not dance again” The doctors told me and handed me back the crutches. But I love dancing and singing and living out my inner pop star. I toured the world as UK’s Nr.1 Madonna impersonator the next year. “Your son won’t live.” He’s 5 now. He goes to mainstream school. I’m a proud mother. of 2 now. Both with medical extras. “ you won’t work again. Taking care of the boy is a full time job”. Lucky Channel 4 didn’t know that when they hired me.

I like creating the impossible.

I make wild ideas happen.

I am the rocket fuel for creative leaders who are slowly burning out from their own glory. They created a world from their gifts and now it’s become a sticky web. Where is the freedom you craved? WTF? What’s all this feeling trapped and stuck and angry about when you have “no real reason” to complain?

I work with those who know there is more to life than meets the eye and they WILL let their inner light shine. You might not know how at times. My kind of stars want to be alive and live this to the full. No matter what. They work in a variety of professions. You don’t have to do music to be a star. But you have to be one of those for whom good is just a starter. Excellence a main.
I dare you. To go further. Into your zone of genius. Where impossible becomes possible. Where miracles “happen”. Where we know exactly what we want in this world and what we’re here to do.

Who am I? Something between a humanoid farting machine and a powerful witch. A catalyst of your development and business growth. I’m your coach. In my presence you have permission to fully express, feel and grow in yourself. If we identify with what we do, we’d also call me a singer, comedienne, wise woman, author, mother and nagging wife (aka best wife in the world). But what you do is not who you are. I reinvent myself as often as I like. I am what I love. I am love. That’s how I see you. And I want to see you come alive with me. And create the impossible. Live a life of deep expression and authentic creation. Let’s make wild ideas happen.

You will find me singing loudly or softly on the street, in the train or wherever really. I don’t mind being heard. I like it. Which is why I did it professionally before my coaching career. Oh and I love comedy. Laughing. Loudly. I once had a boyfriend who criticized me for laughing too loudly at the “wrong” place. He is no longer my boyfriend. I laugh when I find things funny and not just when I am supposed to.

I love bending over backwards and facing dogs but only in a beautifully laid out Yoga studio. If you want to hang out, take me to the spa. I love the spa! A day to myself is very special. I am a practical woman and find solutions for little things from how to hang a hammock in a garden without a hammock place to how to avoid infections and boost an immune system with remedies mainstream medicine just doesn’t know enough about.When I was a young artist in NY and coudln’t afford to ride in the fancy horse drawn carriages, I offered to sing to the couples whilst going on a ride. I got paid doing what I had yearned for and I even got “ridden” home that evening.

My wild family

I’m married and have two kids. My son (almost 5) is the first survivor of having no small intestine from birth. We were told he wasn’t going to make it. He can’t process food so he gets nutrition into his heart. Every day. Big Story. Big complicated life. I wrote a book about it. My daughter was born with 4 heart defects. She’s fine and very cute now. She may not need surgery.She’s too cute for school.

Madonna years

I used to be known as UK’s Nr. 1 Madonna impersonator. As seen on BBC1, BBC breakfast, ITV, The Sun, THE TIMES, Der SPIEGEL, Richard and Judy and more. I’ve done Madonna for over 7 years and now I’m done with it. I don’t know how she keeps going. She’s quite a force.

Bringing cool into coaching

I’m all about “be you” and I made living being someone else…The irony! I’m a trained actress and musical performer, I have written, produced and performed one woman shows around the globe. I used to be signed to Sony Music. Zyxx Music too.
I’ve been coaching for over 15 years.

It felt like a coming out when I told people that I was really loving it and trading the life of globetrotter in cones for wisdom seeking connector helping others. It kills the party talk somewhat. Admittedly saying “I’m the Nr.1 Madonna Impersonator” sounds more exciting than “I’m a life coach”. So I don’t say that anymore. I once had someone spit their champagne in my face when I had said I was a confidence coach. (Ok he was actually really embarrassed afterwards for a long time).

My clients have gained record deals with Universal records, won awards, got jobs they thought they couldn’t, connected with people they never thought they would reach, and build relationships that are satisfying. I love coaching.