Visibility sucks
Let’s get real.

Be known, be seen, be you. Yes Yes. That sounds great when you’re in top form. And strange, isn’t it that the day you are so going to shoot that video for your home page or do the live you said you would, you just don’t feel in that top form?

Videos do the heavy lifting of marketing for you because they’ll keep working when you’re in your jammies. But damn it when you don’t feel like getting into your fab zone and you haven’t had time or money to do your nails or just don’t feel that you’re in the right place.
Maybe working out and doing that diet and then you can really show up powerfully.
Maybe wait until that next confidence boosting seminar before telling the world how amazing you aren’t your services are.

Let’s face it. Being visible sucks. It’s so freaking annoying to have to be great on command.
It’s hard work to shine and be on fire and not burn out.

I mean granted when you’re on a high and in full swing, you don’t care about the tender moments of utter despair. The great is your reality and let’s tell the world how they too can be on that level. It’s just when your mood comes crashing down on you again that it all feels even more ridiculous.

No wonder imposter syndrome become worse the more successful people become. Especially women. You can feel the gap between who you want to be and who you feel like widening, the higher your outer world success.
So being seen in this sucks.
Shame doesn’t just creep up. It jumps at you and sticks to your face like gum.

Let’s hide. Play small. Continue with your one step at a time philosophy. Do the safe thing because you know it works. At least you can claim that it does.

To fail in public that’s the worse. So humiliating. So don’t go there.

It’s best not to show up and be seen and protect your brand.

Or just think about what you could do and then scold yourself for not taking the 1000s of actions your mind thinks should be taking NO time.

But above all, do not be real with this. Keep believing that you are the only one changing in moods, energy levels and self-confidence. Isolate yourself and compensate for your loneliness with more information you are most likely never going to implement.

Do not change.

Do not hire a transformative coach who gets you.

Do not get help.

Netflix is cheaper and more captivating.

Keep watching other’s feeds. Remember they look good because they are lucky. That’s all.

Visibility sucks. The pressure. The drive, the desire to really stand out. To hell with it all!
That calling in your soul that just won’t shut up even when you stuff it with cakes, cushions, Yoga, spiritual teachings.

If you have that sort of calling in your heart, I look forward to hit you with some myth busing truths on creating the impossible as a sensitive, creative person who wants it all but in an organic, hippy hipster with a witch in Saturn kind of way.

My work is to unleash the real beast into the world. Yours. So you live this life full-out and and make your crazy cool vision your glorious reality.

And mine too- of course.

But shhht. You don’t want to be that wild and free. Not yet.

Or do you? Then ask me about Phoenix rising, my new outrageous dream-retreat based program for 2019 that will change the game for real this time…


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