This week I present my first episode of STAND OUT-with special guest Perri Chase

. I am interviewing outstanding members of the freethinking, heart-centred solo-entrepreneurial community- so those of you who are creating their dream to make a living from being you and serving others doing so can supercharge and fastback your progress, get a super dose of inspiration and meet real people who are running their world successfully.

When I hear other interviews I often wonder “yeah but how do they really do it?” or “ok but do they actually have a real life” or even “do they still have sex?” so I create STAND OUT as a no BS video series to let you in behind the scenes of success, and personal entrepreneurship in the most human way

Sit back, grab your favourite drink, you might want to do Yoga stretches whilst watching and listening-nurture yourself all round and let me know what you think!


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