Stand out

Do you have a mission? Do you have a message? Do you want to make a difference? Or even make more money?
One of the most underrated secrets to success in this day and age is an ability to STAND OUT.


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Leverage the Power of Video


When you STAND OUT you can become known as the expert in your field… When you STAND OUT, clients and customers come to YOU, not the other way around… And when you STAND OUT, you can be a leader who people want to follow—even in challenging times…

Think about Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson. They stand out, they are the ones whose opinion influences us. Whose advice we follow. Whose brands we buy. Whose words we trust. So let’s get you to stand out with your powerful message. And get you known.

How do you stand out in an overcrowded market?


“you turn people into stars”Steve Tannett, Music Manager 
“you are the badass whisperer” Karen Goldfinger Baker multimillion Dollar fundraiser and high level coach

I help you to STAND OUT.

I’m a master coach with 15 years experience. I’ve trained leaders at one of the UK’s top TV networks. I’ve coached highly successful singers, award winning directors, and actors from stage and TV.

I know what it means to STAND OUT because for 15 years I was an international performer who toured the globe, had record deals and even performed my one woman show at the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

I have a track record in helping Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Leaders in getting their message out to the world.

I’m an expert in helping Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Leaders hone a message that has an impact.

My gift lies in helping Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Leaders speak on stage and on camera with deep confidence and authenticity.

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the Programmes

  • Invest in more in-depth training and come to our one day workshop In London. Dates will be rolled out in the next weeks.
  • Join a virtual training workshop. Dates to be released shortly.
  • We run a 3 month group coaching programmes online- location independent. International access. The next group starts January 2018. Enrol now and receive early bird bonuses- please email to apply.
  • One 2 one clinics and programs are available. Please email to apply.