Turning People into Stars. Helping Stars to feel human

You run your own show. You know your stuff. You don’t need me to tell you how to do life.

I work with diamond people- you are brilliant and hard to miss. You have so much to give. And you really want to bring it. You need a team. Because they don’t always “get” you and your many passions, ideas, talents, projects. You are polyamorous when it comes to your creativity. You’re not just one sided. You have many facets. There is more than one (2,3,4,) string(s) to your bow.

You want to be seen. And yet, you are hiding.

Maybe it feels like your light is too bright if you were really going to let it shine. Maybe you feel they just won’t get it. Reject or judge you. Maybe you’re too tired from all this “normal” life.  You don’t do things by half. You believe in excellence as a standard. You want to really be big in the world and it’s overwhelming sometimes. Or scary. Or exciting. Real. Unrealistic. Totally doable.

Your light is here to shine. Real stars don’t shine alone.
And Fame is nothing without YOU.

Who are YOU?
Being YOU is art.

Let’s create.

I help you shine. Leaders in the Limelight, or who out to be. Creatives: nobody puts babe in the corner. Stars of the business and entertainment space. Welcome home. Where do we go from here?


Why not do it alone?

You’ve got a lot on and it gets confusing at times. You want clarity fast. And we all have our hang ups.
You take care of yours:

You know that the most successful people in this world hire a coach. Top athletes, politicians, business people, Artists, leaders have a coach to help them be their absolute best. Many have mentors that show them how they did it. A coach doesn’t show you. A coach catalzyses your way into the highway.
The top isn’t quite that lonely after all.

We don’t do it alone. We like the honest mirror, the push, the challenge. We don’t kiss ass. We kick ass.
It looks like talking but it’s literally creating. We try on different realities for your life and you walk out with the power to create the one you liked best.

It’s not therapy. But it can absolutely be therapeutic.

How does it work?

I’m not your agony aunt. I’m your soul sister fanning your inner light. Letting your Star shine as bright as you want it to.

Coaching means we go right to the bottom of what’s going on for you. Your deepest dreams, your biggest fears and the stuff you didn’t even know was there. We’ll get it all out. You will say things you didn’t even know were important and you will see clearly what is. You will recognize where you’re holding back and you’ll find new ways to be bolder, stronger, kinder and more graceful. It sounds easy and it’s intense. You’ll need courage to look yourself in the eye and soul that directly.

I am not criticising you. I won’t tell you what to do. I don’t have advice. I have nothing on you. I can draw out your magic. That’s what I do. Coaching is a skill but also an art. I have been a coaching artist for over 15 years.

How can you work with me?

One to one coaching happens after a successful interview process. We get to know each other.
No marriage at first date. Personal coaching is big committment of not only money but time and energy.
So I don’t do pressure sales. We look for fit, Cinderella. Or Cinderello. That shoe has to be the right one.
My clients work with me six months to a year mostly one on one.

I have only 5 slots open per year.
I take on max 2 apprentices.
I run 2 groups.

Join me at a workshop. Come away with us on a retreat.
Register your interest here and lets connect. No strings attached. A coach is not a tampon. ;-)