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You are an amazing person, full of ideas and creativity,  if someone was to describe you they’d be telling tales about your talent and successes but you know there is more you could do. You want to FEEL and enjoy your success and take your life to the places you find harder to reach. No matter how much you already have achieved, there is more to life for you and you want THAT.

You don’t always feel understood by your peers, almost trying ot play yourself down in order to fit in when really, you want to surround yourself with other colourful souls and take off into the sunset… You know you usually find your way but you want it now and you want it better. Less pain. More joy, grace and freedom. It feels so good to be free and expressing yourself from that place where things are easy. Let’s be honest. Good is never quite good enough.

In your heart of hearts you yearn for amazing. For excellence. For the road less travelled that is the most awe inspiring one.  Some people tell you to focus on one thing, but you got at least 3 projects on the go and you like it that way! You are not monogamous when it comes to your creativity. If you ruled the world, you’d have it all.

Work your magic

Come on, let’s rule. You don’t just dream, you are willing to take inspired action. You love thriving. You love creating the impossible. They say it’s lonely at the top but when you meet the ones you resonate with, you got deep connection. This is the place for mavericks, creatives and souls who want to live the good life with conscience.

Do you remember the scene in Harry Potter where they explain how the magic wands work? Each magician has their wand. You can’t just use any wand. You must find yours and it must find you. I am a magic wand for highly talented, passionate uniquelings who light this world up with their spirit. Who stand for love and joy and creation and will not let themselves be taken away from the dreams and visions they hold.  You might be a bit lost and confused at times, fine. You’re human. So am I.

In a way.

Ok Superwoman, Superman. You heard me. I’m calling you. You know what to do.

What clients say about Brink Coaching

I can’t thank you enough. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me. Seriously, you have saved me.

Carol Dodds

Senior Executive Assistant to CEO & Chairman, Channel 4

You turn people into Stars

Steve Tannett

Artist Manager, Go Music Solutions

My coaching with Evelyne is amazing. She just gets it ….. and she gets me! Evelyne challenges my thinking and my outlook in a way which tests me to the full but she also manages to make the sessions fun and enjoyable. I love my sessions with Evelyne, I don’t want them to end!

Sharon Walsh

Senior Exec Assistant, Channel 4

You have changed my life!!
I am so happy to be working with you. Again. And again.

Whinnie Williams

Artist (Singer-Songwriter, Designer, Businesswoman, Animal Activist, DJ)

Evelyne is one of my personal heroes.

Rich Litvin

Coach. Business Owner. Founder of the 4PC Club, The Litvin Group

Evelyne is a world class coach. I have finally found world class coaching.

Iain Dunnet

Producer, Composer, Musician


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